A Network of Fans, Activists & Supporter Groups United to achieve #ASHLEYOUT

The Magpie Group is a network of fans, activists and supporter groups, committed to achieving regime change at Newcastle United Football Club.

Mike Ashley has proven to be catastrophic owner, making mistake after mistake in his running of our club. He has demonstrated time and time again that he is not fit to own or run a club, let alone one which is at the heart of our community. Our aim is to facilitate a change of ownership so that Newcastle United can strive to proactively fulfill its potential as a competitive sporting institution.

We will no longer accept the continuous exploitation of our club and its loyal fan base who, under Mike Ashley, exist to be nothing more than an advertising vehicle for his sports retail business.


We want our club back!


Magpie Group Donations

If you’d like to contribute toward the fight against Mike Ashley’s running of Newcastle United you can donate to the cause, via PayPal.

All donations received will go towards funding activities & materials designed to make Mike Ashley a more willing seller to investors – investors who wish to fulfill the club’s sporting potential. Any outstanding monies remaining on completion of our mission, will be donated to local good causes.

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